rest0ration pricing

 -One standard size image                                           $40

-Panoramas  - ask for a quote

-Ask about special pricing on larger quantities

About the process

  • Call me at 503-548-3725 or email me at and tell me about your project.


  • If you live in the Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Hillsboro or Lake Oswego Oregon area, call me to set up a time to drop by and have your image scanned. I live in Beaverton.

(if you are not in the area, call first  ---  then send me your image via the postal service or via email.)

  • I will make a high resolution file of your image and make the corrections with the latest software.


  • I email you with a before and after version of your image, for your review.


  • You tell me if you would like to see any changes.


  • I make any requested changes and send you a second before and after email.


  • When you are satisfied with the changes, you pay for your order via PayPal or check and set up a time to meet and finalize the order.


  • You will receive one complimentary print, up to 8"x10", and a full resolution digital file via email.

(If you are not in the area, I will mail your original print and the complimentary copy back to you.)

About the Artist

I am Barb Blair, photographer, restorer and business woman.  I was born and raised in southwestern Oregon -- a small town culture, where everyone knows almost everyone else and where people smile and greet friends and strangers alike.

Old photos grab my interest.  It is all about the story.  Yes, to me, it is all about the people in the picture - who they were, what they did and the generations who followed in their footsteps.  Isn't it peculiar that we know so little about the people whose genetics and life choices have everything to do with how our own lives are shaped?  Did they know hard times or was their life privileged in ways that other lives where not?  What part of their character is exactly like yours?  Are your eyes the same bright blue as your great-great Aunt?

Let me help you bring your family history back into your life with those precious old images.

Call to chat or send me an email about your project.